Second Sunday After Pentecost… 5/29/2016

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I want to begin by telling you that God loves you.  We live in interesting times when we are faced with many oppositions to an individual strengthening their relationship with God.  I often wonder how people think they are strengthening their relationship.  Are they strengthening it by going on a run?  Are they strengthening it by going to the gym?  Are they strengthening it by going to a library and learning about things on this earth? OR Are they devoting alone time trying to establish a relationship with God through the reading the written word, the Holy Bible? This brings a quote by Albert Einstein to mind..


Personally, the mystery of faith is sparking my curiosity.  I find myself reading more of God’s way of Life, and getting closer to man’s feeble attempt to live it through religion…

PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG.  I think, religion is BEAUTIFUL… I pray for our pastors and church leaders to keep strong in the Lord…

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is my hope that we encourage these men and women of God.

I feel, that pastors are a gift from God.  They are here to teach our youth God’s way of Life.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ it is also equally important that we reflect God’s way of Life through our lives… When was the last time you read from the Holy Bible???

Author: Humility is Beautiful... (Kevin Schafer)

I just want to be surrounded with people who make being a good person their top priority...

One thought on “Second Sunday After Pentecost… 5/29/2016”

  1. Very interesting Kevin!

    You said,
    >>I find myself reading more of God’s way of Life, and getting closer to man’s feeble attempt to live it through religion…

    I believe you are referring to the holy-roller that attends mass on Sunday and then after mass cuts-you-off in the parking lot and flips you the one handed sign-language.

    Or those who go through the religious motions and then gossip about you instead of helping you overcome a problem.

    Or the violent atrocities being commited around the world in the name of religion?

    The list goes on and on …

    Knowing God and becoming grounded in his teachings opens our eyes to reality. What is the old saying? You can’t handle the truth!

    Or better,
    “We can’t handle the truth!”

    The ongoing exposure and understanding of God’s teachings helps to ground us and makes us that much stronger to “handle the truth” and overcome many of life’s hardships.

    God said, “Love your Enemy as Yourself”. A tall hurdle the ego needs to achieve but only a small hurdle for the humble.


    As Jesus Christ was dying on the cross he spoke outloud to God (The Father) and said these incredible words about his crucifiers”. He said:

    “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    My humble interpretation:
    “Father forgive them, because they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.”

    Proof: Love your enemy as yourself.

    Closing ….
    In regards to Beatitude #6,
    Jesus said:
    “Blessed are the pure of heart, FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD.”

    Wow! See God !?!? Can we even imagine?

    Who might be the pure-of-heart? The innocent. The humble. Those who are easily taken advantage of. Etc.


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