When I sold Life Insurance to the public, I conducted interviews.  I wanted to match the best Life Insurance plan to the Individual questioned.   I consistently analyzed different factors in the individual’s ability to pay: Cost of the policy, life expectancy, term of the policy, Individual’s net worth. I was a Life Insurance producer. I had to adjust offered or purchased policies (DOCUMENTATION) to reflect the current information of the individual gathered at the interview.

A businessman holding an umbrella in a storm.


I was employed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Fiscal Management Specialist. I monitored and answered inquires from the Office of the Budget. They sent the office that I was employed with cost allocation reports. I reported back to Office of the Budget actual financial figures spent by various program areas.


Ending July 1st was my role as a Division Director for the Toastmaster International Organization. Toastmaster’s provided to me a platform to offer recommendations to clubs that were not performing to the goals of the District. I managed an area in Central PA with 23 clubs consisting of 250 members. For example, a project that a club might want to host to boost membership, is that of an Open-House. The Toastmaster Organization gave me an opportunity to share my intellectual recommendations for improvement from managerial experience.


AND NOW… I am the Grant Co-Chair for my ROTARY Club in Elizabethtown, PA. I plan to assist this club in making life improvements to other people’s lives in the Community, the Country, and the World.


I was an Agency Fiscal Officer for my Agency at the Commonwealth.  I had extensive training on coding for a new communications platform… TelcoSM.  I transferred my knowledge on this system to new Fiscal Management Specialist 3(s).  I implemented my own training.  This meant that I worked with the TelcoSM Development Team.  I created a PowerPoint Presentation to satisfy the requirements of the Development Team to become an Agency Fiscal Officer.

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